So it’s been a while since I’ve last posted . . . and I’m almost graduating in a few months. I think I’m going to officially not use this website anymore, or perhaps when I feel like it.

It was fun doing during my freshman year, and being able to release my inner fangirl in me while not being criticized, because people stereotype A.R.M.Y’s or other Kpop fans. So I’m thankful that I was able to connect through people throughout the years. Hopefully the future will be bright for fellow A.R.M.Y’s and people love South Korean culture. So . . . yeah. Thats it ๐Ÿ™‚

๐ต๐‘‡๐‘† ๐ฟ๐‘–๐‘ฃ๐‘’ ๐‘Œ๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘›๐บ๐‘– : ์Šˆ๊ฐ€์˜ ์ธํ„ธ๋ฃจ๋“œ ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿค๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿฅ | gif, bts y  jungkook | Yoongi, Bts yoongi, Suga gif

TAE TAE โ•ฎ (. โ› แด— โ›.) โ•ญ

You gotta know what this is going be about (*smirks*)

So you probably don’t remember at my other blogsย 

so instead of putting my links to the other blogs last, I’ll just provide you to read them belowย 

And read them in order so from top to bottomย 

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SO were halfway there to the end of BTS members way of relaxation

Only 2 members left which I will do my best !-!

* Next member is Taehyung or AKA ย V *


Take a Stroll in music ใƒพ(โŒโ– _โ– )ใƒŽโ™ช

I haven’t had time to publish anything as well as I’m overloaded with work and stress. I’m studying for finals, and to ease the stress I played music in which made me think of you guys~ I hope that you’ll use one of these playlists even if their not Korean music (but some songs in these playlists are Korean), just once in a while I’ll just post these on the blog

Thank you for your time~

Well. . .

My Midterms were done a long time ago. Had some bad grades. . . And you probably won’t know, but I’m in high school. And so, that being it. I’m worried about college. You will say, Nah don’t worry about it now, just focus on studying. I’m taking the SAT’s next year. I want to be a major in animation. But it’s scary you know. . . You have to sit and study for good grades and then have less time to do what you love the most. It sucks . . . And worse is, that I don’t know what college I want to go to. If I have a chance to go to college in Japan, then I will have no second thought, unless I get into a really good college in here America. I would say my life is really difficult here. I’m a young adolescent. Who wishes not to be in America but Japan. And the reality is coming sooner than being thought of in my mind. I hope the people who are younger than me should cheer up. High school is no fun place, it’s more burden in which the whole world would look at and deem if you’re good enough. This is supposed to be a website about me ranting about Korean culture and stuff, but I really used up most of my life learning about this. And being honest I can live better in Korea than in Japan because I know the culture way better. This website has given me hope to share with others of my knowledge and as a hobby. I will continue ranting if I have the time or when I want to escape the outside world. I’m young, but I don’t feel young. I’m worried and hope that my youth in high school in its part doesn’t turn out to be a bad memory overall.

I wish myself good luck and that you will make it through. Now I understand by people saying that you have to survive through high school. It is stuff, and I don’t have anyone to support me but, I have to support myself and the only way is proving it.

P.S My birthday is tomorrow~ =_= I’m just going to study in the library and just eat outside. Not all birthdays are meant to be a day to rest. It’s just one year added or a year of life taken away. Thank you for all my viewers or just no one. I’m going to be still posted on this website and I’m not going anywhere.

Down below is the art work and the song that I’m feeling this moment right now . . .

Hi o_0

So, I’m going to have midterms soon. As well as I’m going to be busy lately. I hope you guys have a fine January. As well as stan for the new BigHit boy group called TXT !!! ( But the thing is… the most shocking thing that their going to be the same age as I am 0_O??!!) I’m still going to stan BTS, but support TXT with their group and hope for all the best as being rookies in the kpop industry)

That’s all and I have a playlist on youtube if you would want to listen to it below byeee~~

On the left sidebar of this video that says 1/12, click on it and it will show the rest of the songs that I enjoy while studying/ cramming my midterms ๐Ÿ˜…


Ok, I’m taking a deep breath and letting all my emotions come out on this one post. Please do not criticize for my opinion, you can delete your tab now.  And this is not directed to any fandom group in an anyway.

I have been a ๋ฐฉํƒ„์†Œ๋…„๋‹จ (BTS=Bangtan Sonyeondan) stan since 2014. Considering my youth, they helped me go through the tough times when I needed support. Back then they work so hard and tried their best because they were the only group that can support their company. After 2015 with a new album (Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt.1) It soared from there. They won their first music show award (in Music Bank) as number 1. That day I cried a lot like today, but I’m still not on that topic yet. And so 2016 came like a huge bundle of presents and galore for them. They became even more famous in Korea with Their The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever & WINGS. With their Blood Sweat & Tears, they got hugely popular in Korea. And we got a bit of a competition with exol’s with voting. It was fun and a serious game at the same time. (because of our beloved idols would receive) And so 2017, was Love Yourself era has started, it was a huge movement that impacts a variety of ARMY’s in the world, and I have seen how even faster their messages were coming through as months go by. And now this year is 2018.

2018.. almost coming to an end. But just really, there were a lot of tours and fan meetings in the 2 years 2016-2018. Believe me, it was very hectic for 7 men to have full schedules and considering they went to so many countries. I’m gladful that they release “Burn the Stage” on youtube because they knew that their image was not that type of how they wanted to reflect.  And “Burn the Stage the Movie” too. They’ve done so much and they should’ve been so stressed out and so tired due to many offers, and being popular as a group. 

Now my true rants start here. As BTS became more popular, people’s criticism arises. It was great for BTS to become popular, but sometimes for me personally it gets too far. I feel like the new fans now these day’s only focus on their looks, and appearance and catchy songs. But not the meanings. Not the hard work that has put in through. The concepts they try to convey for you people to be yourself. The members put themselves out there for us so we can be confident in ourselves too. We as a fandom get as many fans and vote, stream, make projects, create donations for the good, and splurge money on their merchandise. 

But the most important part is 

To see through yourself, understand, and heal

And to understand that the guys are human too. They understand our emotions and advocate as much as they can do so, that we can see that our messages get across and be conveyed so others can hear our stories

“People think that BTS is too popular.” “Let other Kpop groups have the chance.” “They don’t need that many opportunities.” ย “BTS is too much, theirย video was so weird (“Idol mv”).” “America only talks about BTS and not letting other groups have a chance.” “Other Groups have to get on a billboard to be famous as BTS or we don’t have much of a chance.” “If the members of BTS go solo, they won’t have a chance” Their fans are too much handle, they go too crazy over them and rant too much stuff.”ย 

“I got out of BTS because it was too much to handle and I needed to get out of my bubble and stan new groups.”

I have friends who are like those people. I don’t like that they say it about them or us. And if I say that I stan BTS, “Ohhh, BTS is very popular, but their fans are too much.” And they expect me not to have knowledge about other kpop groups(old boy groups) and individual Korean artists as well as k-tv, dramas, entertainment, variety, and cooking shows. (In here they have a smaller knowledge than I have and only know about the kpop world. Not pointing out to other fandoms) They say that they stan other kpop group and “supposedly stan other groups in which they don’t pay attention to”. And I said this recently to a friend ->oh!, did you see new EXO’s new song?! It’s catchy ~. And they say “EXO is old and BTS overshadowed them because of they’re globally famous.”(I like their songs, but do not stan them. It’s because they recently had their music video released)

Can’t I just like other groups music? Why do you have much of a problem of me staning only BTS and not your kpop group?

I’m open-minded about what you people say, but sometimes when I remind you guys that your upsetting me a bit and remind you that I stan BTS, so that we can get to another topic, they always say “well, I’m just saying that BTS is a bit too much and I don’t care what anyone would think because that’s how it is, and they don’t give other fandoms much of a chance because of their “global success”. 

FIRST of all, The fans are a huge part of an idols success and that the idol has to create good catchy music in return and be connected to the fans. Because most of the awards out there are voted from fans and popularity of the group. It is NOT BTS fault that they’re popular and they aren’t preventing any kpop group to go out there in the world. BTS NEVER would have imaged to be in the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and be nominated for the Grammy’s. We fan’s petition, emailed, streamed so that their music can go number 1 because in every fan believe that their Artist or Groups should deserve the best.  And so everyone knows if you become famous in America the whole world would know about it, Its true and stereotypical that it actually happens in this world.

And so about today, For any Kpop group or artist, the MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS is a huge thing. It is like the Grammy’s for any Korean Artist. For BTS last speech as they won the Award for Artist of the Year (the most important award for any Artist).They said some important things that made me cry and be thankful to be alive in this era to witness it. In reference to their speech one of the members called J-hope, he cried. He rarely does that, and most of the time has a smile on his face. That was really impactful because he couldn’t speak that much because he was overwhelmed with the emotions inside him. He said that “I would’ve cried we won the award or not”. That really made me very emotional. And the last member who talked shocked everyone. That member would be the oldest called Jin. He said “I remember earlier this year. We were going through some hard times mentally. And so we gathered together and talked about whether we should disband (break up) or not. But we gathered up our feelings again and it’s a relief that we were able to achieve great results. To my members who gathered up their feelings, Thank you. Thank you to the members who continue to love and our ARMY thank you so much. Thank you.”

This at the end made me think how much a part of my life would be so different without you guys. And we would have never imaged that the members had some thoughts of disbandment because you guys, have so much love and support around.  

At this moment now, today, this second.

No other person can experience these emotions like a fan, a supporter, and a family member of ARMY. No other new fans the next day or other people who will see this the next day would experience as myself and other people who watched it live today. 

My last words are that myself and ARMY will support you guys until the end of time. 

I love you all with my whole heart~โค๏ธŽ

And thank you for the people who have read this and I hope that you will at least understand a bit of what I am talking right now (I’m just overwhelmed by own emotions) 

Down below is their speech


I went toโ€‹ a trip to Japan -8-

So yeah, unexpectedly that I was gone for a long time and so we’re going a bit off topic today. I have been busy here and there catching up the time I have missed in the U.S. But I’m definitely moving in Japan soon~ so be updated

I wish I can edit like Jungkook did with G.C.F *sighs… ( check in the 2 videos below)ย 



But really the videos just show how Japan life is. ย I was so happy thoughย 

A sneak peak of my life in Japan !-!

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Pt.2 will be revealed soon~

And Apparantly its my 50th post~~~yayใƒพ(>_<)ใƒŽโ™ช

Thank you so muchย ส• โ€ขแดฅโ€ขส”

Happy Chuseok~!

(Chuseok, literally “Autumn eve”, once known as hangawi, is a major harvest festival and a three-day holiday in North Korea and South Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon) – Chuseok(Wikipedia)

๐Ÿ˜‚ This always makes me laugh, thank you Hoseokย (J-Hope)<-(a true flower)ย 

Something (My Id is Gangnam Beauty)

I’ve been watchingย this drama recently in which is based on a webtoon in the link below you can read it- https://mangadex.org/manga/19258/my-id-is-gangnam-beauty

I wanted to recommend this song to other people because listeners don’t listen to this type of ost music in k-dramas. That’s why I wanted to share it with you guys~

COMEBACKS !=! . . .

The time has come

For some k-pop comebacks >0<!!!!!!!! 

In which I didn’t know, because I have been inactive for about 3 months. So mainly watching Korean tv shows and a lot of Chinese dramas and a few k-dramas. 

So I don’t recommend people watching over 40 episodes of the same drama ( It was a Chinese one and I was a wreck during and after, but I won’t say the name…)

Anyway I’m trying to re-organize my self because, I’m totally unorganized about social media information ( kpop, k-drama, food, artists, entertainers. etc..)

As well I haven’t been up to my promise and didn’t post anything for  month’s except I was active on Instagram a LOT and on Twitter just recently 

I found out, some news that Pentagon’s E dawn and Hyuna have been dating for 2 years ( DAEBAK!!) I remember seeing Pentagons debut because it was the same day of BTS’s comeback ( sorry TT… to other fans) and since debut or even before they were dating. So I found that surprising and cute at the same time. I wish you guys to have a wonderful relationship and be nice to the third wheel ( HUI )

And the second news for me ( in which may be old news for you) was that some of the members of B1A4 went to different companies, but still together as a group.

so yea =.= that’s all

P.S “I’ll post my favorite music comebacks on Sep.7th.”